David Titus

Digital Media Developer

I provide 3d animation, video production, web development, graphic design, and marketing services to clients all over the world.

If you have any digital media needs that require professional quality, and fast turn-around please get in touch.


Social Media Marketing & Advertising including Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and many more.

Web Development

Full WordPress design, development, and hosting solutions for your next web project. Scalable and maintained.

Video Production

Lightweight and agile, one or two man production crew. Travel on short notice. Suitable for run-and-gun shoots, documentary, or online. Full post-production.

3d Animation

Realistic or stylized 3d modelling and animation for entertainment, visualization, e-Learning. Game ready or film ready.

Photo & Design

Able to meet all photography, graphic design and development needs directly in house.

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